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Diabetes Care

Uncontrolled diabetes, whether type one or two, can lead to blindness, nerve system damage, and kidney disease. That’s just the start of some of the complications that can come with diabetes, but our home health care professionals can help you manage complications as well as work with you to prevent them from worsening. Managing your diabetes properly will lead to a change in routine. However, with the right home care, you or your loved one can manage the change in lifestyle with less stress and a sunnier outlook.

At Sensitive Homecare Agency, a Plan of Care is created to fit each individual’s specific needs, in this case, diabetes. The Plan of Care is implemented to meet goals set by the patient’s doctors and extended medical team. A registered nurse from the Sensitive Homecare Agency team will then work to establish a daily routine to help monitor symptoms of diabetes and manage complications should they surface.


A typical plan may include

  • Advising you or your loved one to maintain a healthy diet

  • Supervising and managing your blood sugar levels

  • Preparing meals and menu planning

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