Parkinson’s Disease 


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Parkinson’s Disease Care

Parkinson’s disease can take over slowly, and it often goes unnoticed for some time. A persistent tremor in your hands or limbs and a slowing or complete loss of movement could ensue. In order to maintain your quality of life, and to maintain the ability to complete the activities of daily living on your own for as long as possible, it is critical to monitor and manage the disease.

When you or your loved one starts home care with Sensitive Homecare Agency, we’ll get started on a plan of care to fit the disease stage and personal preferences of the patient. The plan of care will aim to treat Parkinson’s, as well as  keep up with the other important aspects of the patient’s physical and mental health. Our caregivers, registered nurses, and other in-home care professionals will establish and carry out the plan of care in coordination with you and your loved ones to provide the best life possible for the patient.

A typical plan may include:

  • Emphasizing a customized exercise regimen created by a physical therapist to keep muscles flexible and prevent rigidity

  • Eliminating safety risks, such as slippery floors, obstructed pathways, and scatter rugs

  • Assisting with difficult transitions, such as sitting, standing, or getting into the shower

  • Offering stress relief to both you and your family members who are living with the Parkinson’s disease

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