Multiple Sclerosis 


"In the comfort & safety of your home"


Multiple Sclerosis Care

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that attacks the central nervous system and the myelin sheath needed to correctly transmit signals along neural pathways. Because the symptoms — from fatigue and vision to dizziness, muscle spasms, bladder dysfunction, and more — of MS can vary so widely, the level of home care we can provide for it does as well.  

When you or your loved one starts MS care with Sensitive Homecare Agency, we create an individualized plan of care to fit you or your loved one and the symptoms they are experiencing, as well to mitigate future complications. Depending on the level of care needed for your MS, we can also help with tasks of everyday living as much as possible.

A typical plan may include:

  • Reinforcing the recommended exercise regimen that can help limit pain and discomfort caused by MS 

  • Accompanying you to medical appointments

  • Informing you and your loved ones of warning signs of MS and when to seek counsel

  • Providing continuous support for family members as they deal with the stress that accompanies an M.S diagnosis

For more information on the in-home care we can provide for those with MS, please contact Sensitive Homecare Agency today.