"Pediatrics Homecare"

Baby Clothing

SHC pediatric private home care services focus on the safety and well being of your bundle of joy. SHC Pediatric private home care service is known as our mommy Daddy timeout program.


We cater to new and existing moms. We provide pediatric home health care services for recovering moms after birth, as well as providing home health care services for working moms and dads.


We also provide services to individuals seeking time off for personal needs. Sensitive Homecare Agency pediatric infant care services are dedicated to infants and the requirement of the family and include:

  • Feeding

  • Changing Diapers

  • Monitoring for Safety Concerns

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Playtime/Recreation

  • Preparation for naptime

SHC pediatric and neonatal caregivers make it possible for your children to receive the care they need, wherever they need it. We take a versatile approach in developing a  sound plan of care to help babies, infants, and children in need of a higher level of specialized care.


Our care professionals' dedication to creating a greater possibility for families with special needs to obtain a more compassionate caregiver that creates hopefulness with a peace of mind - is what truly sets us apart.

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