Accompany Care

Escort Service


SHC Home Care Accompany Escort Service


We get you to and from your appointments and events. 

Are you in need of Accompany care to take you to and from different destinations? Is your loved one unable to drive but looking for independence? We can help! 


If you're struggling with transportation issues or need someone to escort your loved ones to and from their appointments and events, SHC Accompany Care is the right way to go. Our travel caretakers will arrive at the pick-up location and accompany the client to an event or doctor's appointment. SHC escort and transportation services provide seniors and the disabled with independence, freedom, and a better quality of life. Our caregivers are here for you when you need a helping hand for your loved ones or yourself. SHC caregivers are encouraging and will engage and socialize as needed. Our dedicated team will accompany you to your favorite restaurant, or hair salon, shop with you while you pick out that special gift, sit with you during church service, and while you visit a friend.


Our caregiver will not only drive you to your doctor appointments but will go with you to be your second set of ears, taking notes so that instructions are understood and followed.


Escorting those undergoing treatment, we help with mobility and provide emotional support throughout the process. 


Our caregivers go through a rigorous screening process during their initial onboarding. Our caregivers' cars are equipped with proper seat belts to ensure Care. As a result, clients are safe and secure during transport. SHC travel caretakers are skilled workers who can help their clients safely in and out of the car. Our escort and transportation services are door-to-door or bedside-to-bedside, providing comfort to you and peace of mind for your family members.